2019 Holiday decorating contest award winners


First Place 8726 Somersworth Place  $ 75

Second Place 7119 Hollowell Drive  $ 50

Third Place 8703 Lindenhurst Place  $ 25


Cash prizes donated by the Trowbridge company, inc.






Recycling reminder - What can I recycle?  Click HERE for a helpful postcard or visit for more information.




Residents are reminded to ensure all vehicles left outside are securely locked.  Another series of thefts from unlocked vehicles occurred a number of weeks ago.




A variety of ways for homeowners to pay!


Through its affiliation with BB&T Association Services, the Homeowner’s /Condominium Association offers homeowners a variety of ways to make their association payment.


Approximately 30 days prior to the first of each year, owners will receive by mail, either a coupon  (for monthly payments) or a statement (for annual, bi-annual, or quarterly payments), each of which contain the assessment payment amount, bill pay account number, and bill pay mailing address for that year.  The assessment amount, the bill pay account number and the bill pay address are all three required for each method of payment offered.


BB&T Association Services Address for payments is P.O. Box 628207, Orlando, Florida 32862-8207.


All payments should be made to the order of the applicable Association.


Ways to make association payments:


1. Association Pay – Payments are automatically debited on the 3rd of the month from a U.S. checking or savings account.  If the 3rd is a weekend or holiday, then account will be debited on the next business day. Enroll on-line at or mail in the following Authorization form.


2. Online by Accepted Credit/Debit Card or - Optional online payment service allows homeowners to make payments online by credit/debit card or eCheck.   Payments made by card /debit card are processes the next business day.  Payments made by eCheck will post to the association’s account within four business days.


There is no fee charged for an eCheck payment. A flat convenience fee of $4.95 is charged per transaction to the homeowner for making a payment online by an accepted debit card. A convenience fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount will be charged for payments made online by an accepted credit card.


3. Using an Online Bill Pay Provider – Homeowners using an online bill pay provider should  ensure their bill pay provider has the most current payment information including payment  amount, bill pay account number, and bill pay mailing address.  A separate bill payment record must be set-up for each payment obligation.  Posting may be delayed when bill payments are presents with a missing or incorrect bill pay number.


4. BB & T Financial Center – Payments can be made at any BB&T financial center using a BB&T payment coupon or statement.  Payments made at a BB&T financial center will post the following business day.


5. Mail – Mail the coupon/statement and check using the pre-printed label or envelope provided by the bank.  Payments are mailed to the BB&T processing center on the label address.




Curbside Collections, E-Cycling, and Other Tips for the Holidays


Hillsborough County, Fla. (Nov. 13, 2015) – As the holiday season is approaching, this quick reference guide will help residents plan ahead to recycle the usual containers, cans, and cardboard boxes, and provide tips on what to do with those unique holiday items. Recycling and disposal options for Hillsborough County Solid Waste customers are available at or by calling (813) 272-5680.


Holiday Curbside Collection Changes:

• No curbside collection of trash, recycling, or yard waste Thursday, Nov. 26

• No curbside collection of trash, recycling, or yard waste Friday, Dec. 25

• No curbside collection of trash or yard waste Friday, Jan. 1

• Normally scheduled recycling collection will occur Friday, Jan. 1

• No makeup collection days for the holidays


Solid Waste Facility Holiday Closures:

All Hillsborough County solid waste facilities, including Community Collection Centers, yard and wood waste, transfer stations, resource recovery, and the Southeast County landfill, will be closed Thursday, Nov. 26; Friday, Dec. 25; and Friday, Jan. 1.


Recycling Food and Beverage Containers in Blue Curbside Cart:

Recyclable food and beverage containers should be emptied and rinsed before placing them loose in the blue recycling cart.

• Plastic bottle and containers No. 1-7

• Aluminum, tin, and steel cans

• Cartons, such as those for soy milk, juice boxes, chicken broth, etc.

• Glass bottles and jars

• Plastic bags, film, or shrink wrap are NOT recyclable in the cart


Recycling Paper and Cardboard in the Blue Curbside Cart:

Place all items loose in the blue recycling cart.

• Any paper that is clean and easily tears

• Newspaper, office paper, junk mail, paperback books, magazines, etc.

• Flattened cardboard boxes

• Paperboard food boxes, cereal boxes, and paper towel rolls

• Greeting cards and wrapping paper, as long as it is free of ribbons, foil, and other non-paper items

• Gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows are NOT recyclable in the cart


Recycling Electronics:

• Items containing a digital display or circuit board, including televisions, computers, laptops, mobile devices, stereo equipment, gaming consoles, VCR/DVD players and printers, may be safely recycled at any of the Community Collection Centers for no additional fee.

• Small bathroom and kitchen appliances such as toasters, crock pots, electric skillets, blenders, hair dryers, and curling irons may be discarded in your gray garbage cart.

Recycling Live Christmas Trees:

• Curbside pickup of live Christmas trees is available by following these steps:

o Remove all decorations, lights, and tinsel

o Cut the tree into sections no larger than 4-feet long and 6-inches in diameter

o Place curbside on your regular yard waste collection day

• Drop off live trees at one of the following Yard Waste Processing Facilities, after removing all decorations, lights, and tinsel:

o 346 Falkenburg Road in Tampa

o 13001 U.S. 41 in Gibsonton

o 8001 W. Linebaugh Ave. in Tampa


Tips for Other Items:

• Styrofoam packing materials can be disposed of in the gray garbage cart or dropped off for recycling at the Dart Container Corp. facility, 4610 Airport Road in Plant City. Styrofoam food trays and egg cartons can be recycled at most local supermarkets in special bins.

• Oversized and large volumes of flattened cardboard boxes may be recycled at any of the Community Collection Centers for no additional fee.

• Used household cooking oil may be recycled at the County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers or at any CORE station for no additional fee. Visit for locations.

• Plastic bags and film can be recycled at most local supermarkets in special bins. Loose and soiled bags and film should be placed in the trash cart.

• Strings of holiday lights may be safely disposed of in the gray garbage cart or recycled as electronics at any of the Community Collection Centers for no additional fee.

• Pre-lit and artificial trees should be discarded as trash.

• Holiday decorations and ornaments should be discarded as trash.

• Excess trash that will not fit in the gray garbage cart may be disposed of at any of the Community Collection Centers when accompanied by a copy of the resident’s Hillsborough County Tax Bill. Fees may apply for food waste.


Complete details on Hillsborough County Solid Waste facility locations, hours, and disposal guidelines are available at




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